Consultation Services in Thailand & India

In today’s economy it is often financially prohibitive to have a full representation in each country you wish to sell products. Furthermore, many of the ‘new’ growth countries set a high price tag for office space, staff and such. Success for businesses investing in overseas depends on your knowledge of the local business environment. Understanding the local laws and procedures, government policies, political trends, business trends and consumer behavior. Knowledge-driven success. Having the latest information about international markets, and the ways to do business in them, enables companies to exploit opportunities successfully and effectively. Our service portfolio covers comprehensive representation services for companies expanding their operations into the Asian markets, Full time product representation may be a little as a staff salary and a small monthly fee. An added advantage is also that we handle all the local marketing too.

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• To undertake feasibility studies and prepare feasibility reports, procurement comprising of preparation of tender documents including pre-qualification documents for projects in India & abroad.
• Overall management, monitoring, coordination and implementation of projects in India and abroad. For this purpose schedules of quantities, work, detailed engineering and design, organization and deployment of personnel, control on time and cost schedules, selection of work force including managerial and supervisory staff.
• Selection, deployment and proper maintenance of equipment and machinery as well as materials
• Training of work force (high-skilled, skilled and semi-skilled) for up gradation of their skills and better productivity, emphasis on their safety, health care, hygiene and welfare at the work sites.
• Close implementation with latest technology and systems through seminars and workshops and other fora with particular reference to issues critical to project execution, cost efficient and correct employer-employee relations.
• Preparing claims in case of disputes with the clients, attending Arbitration proceedings.
• Can arbitrate in contractual matters in view of being a fellow with the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators and approved arbitrator with the Institutions of Engineers (India).

Special emphasis by providing high safety measures was used for the protection of workers against all possible accidents and hazards.

• Public relations work with owners of current and future projects.
• Conducting Safety Audit.
• Conducting Quality Control

Can handle complex and wide range of projects in India and abroad, involving high technical expertise such as RCC raft foundations, pile foundations, river intake structures, creation of various infrastructure services, such as laying pipelines for Gas, Oil, Water, Sewerage, Fire prevention and fire – fighting system, Sanitary, Sewage, Water treatment system, finishing including kitchen equipments, air conditioning and ventilation, photographic, medical and sports good equipment, furnishing interior decoration etc. Also can handle Highway Projects, including reinforced cement concrete roads, pre- fabricated housing complexes, water treatment plants, power stations, Radio and T.V. projects, hospital projects etc; top down construction for high rise structures, steel structures for flyovers, high rise buildings, industrial structures etc